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Career coaching training sessions will help you to identify your career goals and aspirations from an unbiased and neutral perspective so you can make the right career move. If you feel that:


  • your job isn't fulfilling any more and you want to discover new skills.

  • you are preparing for an interview after several years from your last one.

  • change from working at the office to full time parenthood or vice versa.

  • you want to move from what you are doing now to something that you don’t even know.

  • as a college or university student you don't know where you are going and find yourself a bit lost.


Whatever your situation is now, I assure you that if you don’t take the courageous step to give the first step towards a change, you will not do it later. With life coaching sessions in Surrey I will help you to find your own career path and we could also explore starting a new business that suit your skills and abilities. Consejería en español para hispanohablantes en Londres y Surrey


  • Establish your professional goals, vision and identify your ideal career that fits with your personal values and beliefs.

  • Rediscover your new skills so you can advance in your current role or, for young people, to start a new one.

  • Identify the right career and work choices that match your skills, passions, and strengths.

  • Identify the impact of your work within your life, family, and home.

  • Experience a more fulfilling work life or embark in a new business.


Mary. S

"Very good listening and assessment of issues regarding my career move. Martha's knowledge and experience on the subject was outstanding. I can't think of anything Martha could have done better! I would definitely recommend Martha Jesty's life coaching services to others."

Anjenna Vijayajumar

Martha Jesty has played a pivotal role in helping me face personal challenges both practically and spiritually, improve my attitude towards academics during secondary school and navigate through the tough social and academic changes that come with moving to university. I haven't met someone as genuinely thoughtful and caring as her and am very grateful that learning Spanish led me to connecting with Martha.

Business Start-Up & Entrepreneurship

As a business coach based in Surrey I will take you from preparing an effective business plan to overcome issues that are blocking you to move forward to start running your own business successfully. I have run and I am still running 2 successful businesses. Whether you are a full time parent, a young person, retired, or just want a change in your career and start a new business, you will learn all about this new step in your life with my Life Coaching training sessions.

3 start your own business life coach in surrey martha jesty.jpg
  • How to write an effective business plan.

  • How to overcome issues blocking your way for success so you become your own boss.

  • Develop assertiveness & confidence skills in the business world.

  • How to do marketing research and knowing your potential client.

  • Where and how to network.

  • Developing and managing your website.

  • How to start your own private practice and be in the right track to build the foundations of your new business.


Pauline, Professional Counsellor

"I met Martha Jesty after a long search for a Business Coach. I found her to be dynamic and powerful with good knowledge of coaching and marketing. I am looking forward to working with her and developing my career, which I started over 20 years ago."

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