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I am a life coach based in Surrey, United Kingdom who is a self motivated, self confident, optimistic, and empathetic spiritual person with high listening skills. I empower and inspire people in my everyday life. I love art and use it as part of healing of memories.

As a life coach for adults & young people, I will lead you to great changes in your life where you will identify and discover your strengths. During the life coaching sessions in Surrey I will challenge your set pattern of thinking, and together we will explore some hidden feelings and emotions with the aim of enhancing your life and making you feel free. 

Hablo español y hago consejería por teléfono, virtual o consejería en Chessington, Surrey para adultos y jovenes.

  • I use imagination and vision to see and create new possibilities helping you to gain greater clarity and understanding.

  • I will help you to build your self-confidence and to become more assertive in all areas of your life.

  • I will inspire you and motivate you to reach your goals in life by removing obstacles to your objectives.

  • As a Spanish-English bilingual life coach I will listen to you carefully and design a plan to break cultural barriers. The life coaching training sessions in Surrey will be tailor-made just for you.


Please bring to the life coaching sessions in Surrey a situation that you would like to make sense, something that you do not understand and it is bothering you. I will help you to make sense of things as your views of a problem sometimes get stuck or too blurred to assimilate.

Through my experience and training I specialize in a wide range of adults and young people's issues including:



"I’ve seen counsellors for years but nothing really clicked until I saw Martha Jesty. She works intuitively with you to create a supportive nurturing environment that enables you to look at your issues. She is not scared to look at difficult issues head on and help you to deal with them during her training sessions. Martha listens deeply (something I’m not used to with counsellors and life coaches) and offers concrete steps for changing your life.

I have felt truly listened to and feel that Martha Jesty wants you to get better as much as you do. She is emotionally involved in your care and you really feel her passion to help and guide you to a better way of living. I now feel empowered and assertive and it’s through Martha’s wise nurturing that this has happened. I have received healing for restrictive thought patterns and I have learned to move on from my past trauma and move to the present with a real sense of optimism."


"Martha's warm and caring approach really made an impact with me. I felt that she understood my needs and was willing to support me to reach my goals. She listened carefully and gave advice in the training sessions based on her wide knowledge and expertise. I would be delighted to recommend Martha Jesty as a women's life coach. My one to one sessions helped me to gain clarity regarding the business services I wanted to offer. I also appreciated Martha's help in creating the structure of a six month programme in well-being. Her marketing tips were useful and very effective. I am also happy that I can continue my coaching session over the phone."

Maggie Hope

"When I met Martha Jesty I found her to be approachable, warm and easy to talk to - very empathetic. When I was looking for a women's life coach some time later for my daughter, I was very concerned that it must be the right sort of person to do the life coaching sessions. Martha's face sprang to mind immediately and I contacted her. Since then I have been very pleased and reassured at the outcome. My daughter is gaining so much from her life coaching sessions and I am satisfied that she is in safe and caring hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Martha to anyone for whatever their problem might be, big or small. In fact, you don't need to have a problem to benefit from Martha's life coaching services, just look at the variety of topics covered on the website. She is a very gifted lady. I have used her telephone coaching services and I found it invaluable. Her logic, objectivity and wisdom are perfect ingredients for effective life coaching training sessions."

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