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Cultures are built on deeply embedded sets of values, assumptions, norms, and beliefs. It can be surprising and sometimes distressing to find that people do not share some of your most deeply held ideas, as most of us take our core values and beliefs for granted and assume they are universally held. Cross culture shock in the UK is an experience that describes the impact of moving from your loving country and culture to one which is unfamiliar and with a different set of values. Life Coaching in Surrey sessions will help to recognize and understand some of the stages of culture shock:

  • The honeymoon stage “I love this country”

  • Hostility and irritability “I hate this country”

  • Gradual adjustment “I have to adapt to survive”

  • Adaptation “I am learning to love this country”

See more stages of culture shock. Consejería en español en Londres



Some people can experience severe symptoms of culture shock to the point of trauma, while others might not do so. 

FEELING VULNERABLE. You might look different from the rest of the population or talk with an accent or do not master the language and therefore if a problem/situation arises you feel you are on your own to resolve it.

IRRITATION. Getting excessively frustrated over little things is a common sign that you are experiencing culture shock. Your feel you have become angrier as a person.

CRITICIZING LOCAL CUSTOMS. This is the most common behaviour that could last many years making you unhappy.

FEELING ISOLATED, LONELY OR HELPLESS. You can be surrounded by people but you find difficult interacting and relating to them in different levels of life. More over, experiencing cultural shock can bring you mood swings; one day you feel happy and the next day you feel down.

AVOIDING CONTACT. You don’t want to start new friendships neither to interact with anyone as you fear rejection or misunderstandings. Your confidence is very low.

LONGING TO GO BACK HOME. You miss your birth country more than ever! And start idolizing it and comparing it with your host country.


Life Coaching in Surrey sessions will help you to identify and overcome culture shock in Great Britain:

  • Learn how to calm your anxiety. Leaving your home country to become a foreigner in the United Kingdom, with new sets of values and ways of life, this brings fear and uncertainty.

  • Learn how to stop comparing cultures. Highlighting the negative aspects of your host country will bring you unhappiness which stop your integration in the United Kingdom.

  • Learn how to accept your new culture. This requires a physical, psychological, emotional engagement in local activities, mastering the new language, trying the food, exploring British culture and tourism.

  • Learn how to break your negative pattern of thinking. The longer you are in the UK, your symptoms will be more bearable as you become more open to change.

What triggers culture shock in the UK.

Mrs NB

"Our cross cultural coaching training session gave me the confident that I needed, and it changed the patterns of my thinking. During my cultural coaching sessions with Martha Jesty, the trauma that I experienced in the past, made more sense to me and in the way it had hit me. It made me realized that I should be more assertive and make more efforts to bring forth and express more my thinking. Martha, you said that I should “change my hat”, this is my cultural hat, and that teaching really convinced me and after that session, I started to express myself more than before."

Eder Oliveira

Oscar Rojas

Monica Marin

Martha muchas gracias por ofrecer tus conocimientos, por poner tu corazón y sabiduría para guiar a las personas que te buscan para mejorar sus vidas o salir de sus problema. Tus consejos y tecnicas se ajustaron perfectamente a mis necesidades.Tienes una capacidad unica de conectar con las personas y esto hace que se aproveche la sección al máximo. Para mi fue muy importante encontrar una consejera que hablara español y que fuera de mi misma cultura. Una vez mas mil gracias.

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