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I am a multifaceted and autodidact British-Peruvian born life coach, spiritual person very energetic and positive who lives life to the full every day and sees problems as opportunities to become a better person. I have a passion to see people free from stress, worries and traumas and to bring joy and peace into my clients' lives.

I am a bilingual Spanish-English life coach and language coach working with adults and young people for more than 10 years in my private practice Life Coaching in Surrey.

I am the author of the book Real Healing, written for women suffering from postnatal issues. 

My qualifications are below for your perusal but the most important part of all is our personal connection in order to work together.

  • PGC in Psychological Trauma

  • Diploma in Cognitive Coaching and Mentoring

  • Diploma in Teaching Modern Languages to Adults

  • Diploma in Christian Studies and Pastoral Care

Martha Jesty is member of the International Coach Federation, and the British Association of Christians in Psychology which was established to promote best practice and ensure that the highest possible standards are maintained in coaching and mentoring relationship. Martha Jesty is committed to functioning from a position of dignity, autonomy, personal responsibility and Christian values.


"Martha Jesty is spiritual, empathetic and has a profound wisdom. The fact that she is a mother and therefore can relate to other women makes her unique. I believe that her life coaching service is invaluable. If I had discovered her counselling services long ago I think I would have been fully recovered by now."


"Martha Jesty has great listening skills; during our coaching sessions she was not judgmental, which was very important to me. She gave me space & a safe environment to talk and to cry. Martha understood my issues and what I felt. It was important to me to be able to talk to a professional Christian life coach and receive prayer and healing.”

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"I speak to the audience from the heart ... I don't read to them"

As a public motivational speaker, trainer and teacher, Martha Jesty leaves a lasting and inspiring impression on the attendees by connecting with each of them paying attention to their body language. Martha Jesty has the ability to communicate her point of view customizing the type of language for specific audience. As a motivational speaker in Surrey, she has addressed business networking meetings, women’s organizations, churches and has had lengthy TV and radio interviews in the UK and Peru.


Martha Jesty has a strong sense of personal motivation, energy, joy and optimism which she passes to all attendees during her speeches.

As an inspirational speaker based in Surrey, Martha projects her voice when delivering her strong & positive message throughout the room engaging the audience at all times.

Martha Jesty, bilingual Spanish- English inspirational speaker, became a public speaker in her teens as a teenager church leader and later on as an international speaker on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder at the IV World conference on PTSD in Buenos Aires, Peru & America through the International Society for Traumatic Stress Disorder. The audience sees her as someone who they can relate to as she connects with every individual within the crowd with her honest and open approach. Martha Jesty speaks from the heart delivering powerful messages and great personal stories.

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Tina Hughes, Stella & Dot

"I attended a Fabulous Women's networking meeting and Martha Jesty was one of the keynote inspirational speakers for the morning. Her story really moved me and I loved her talk as it was authentic and from the heart. She is so passionate about what she does and I would highly recommend Martha Jesty as a motivational speaker. She captured the audience with her beauty both inside and out. She engaged the audience and the exercise we did afterwards moved me to tears. Thank you Martha for your words of wisdom and all that you do for charity. I can't wait to work with you in the future. You are truly an inspiration!"

Reza Zolfagharifard, Founder – Bold Club

"As usual, Martha Jesty was lively, passionate and warm. She talked about her charity work and introduced the audience to the concept of giving selflessly. Sure enough, she inspired, lifted and moved the audience so fondly that the audience loved her and most made a small contribution towards her charity. I highly recommend Martha Jesty as a motivational speaker for all aspects of her professional work and am delighted that she is a member of our team."

Lynne Cantor, Stand Up and Speak

"Martha Jesty was the best speaker of the night at a network meeting recently as she had good energy, kept eye contact and kept engagement with the audience. She built and structured the speech well and the fact it was a personal story created a good connection."

Angela Belotti

"About your talk Martha, I was inspired by your high energy! I was very interested hearing about your experience and the support life coach service that you provide through your business to help women. You are a very inspiring woman!"

Alan D Bott FCCA, School Bursar

“Martha Jesty is a very warm and special person. She is academically well qualified but as importantly has learned much through the "university of life". She has known lots of good times but also has experienced many of life's challenges which enable her to communicate and empathize well with her audience. Martha Jesty is an engaging and inspiring speaker and someone that I am very happy to recommend.”

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