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"I will be able to help you as I am a survivor of postnatal PTSD and the author of Real Healing After Caesarean, a book that talks about trauma after childbirth and they way to recovery. I have been a volunteer for the Birth Trauma Association for more than 10 years."


Martha Jesty, life coach and language coach in Surrey

A survivor from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-PTSD, Martha Jesty recalls explicitly all the feelings, fears and frustrations that she experienced with the birth of her first child. Any PTSD survivor will find comfort reading this book knowing that someone has captured in words their exact feelings at the time. Filled with information on how to recognize symptoms of PTSD and other postnatal illnesses this book will show women the way to recovery when they feel there is no hope and are suffering in silence. As a Christian herself, Martha raises very important issues and expresses her concerns to the NHS and other health organizations, giving tips for family members and friends as well as Christian leaders on how to improve their performance when finding a sufferer at home or church.

Only a few copies left at £35 incl.P&P.


Tambien en español Sanidad Verdadera después de una Cesárea. Order your copy now here


It is estimated that there are about 10,000 women every year in the UK suffering from deep trauma after childbirth but the NHS is not ready yet to implement a care programme for these women and their families. Real Healing After Caesarean is the first manual written in the UK by a postnatal PTSD* survivor which will help many women sufferers. This book includes extensive new research on this topic and will guide health professionals and midwifery students to a deeper understanding of this illness, becoming an invaluable source of information and reference. Included are chapters recognizing different types of post natal illnesses focusing on a wider description of Post Natal PTSD. It covers issues of abortion, Vaginismus, Tokophobia, baby and mother bonding as well as displaying charts for women to assist in monitoring their own steps to recovery. The result is an essential book for all health professionals as well as for women who can’t find their own path to recovery. Only a few copies left at £35 each including P&P.

Order your copy now here.


"I have continued to read your book Real Healing and have got to the section about Tokophobia. Your book is engaging and very insightful, even though I have not experienced the areas covered. What I didn't expect to happen, as I read your book, was a flood of emotions to come out. I know God has given me a very compassionate and empathetic heart, therefore on some levels I could strongly relate to some of the feelings you wrote about. It also brought back some of my experiences and difficulties I have been through, which in turn will lead to my own healing in areas I had forgotten about. On many occasions I found myself in tears while I read rawness of the things you have suffered. So far I have found your book to be very powerful, with strong relational value for women who have suffered in different ways not just those you have openly shared. The pain of your experience are very real, but your progression through it all and your complete trust in God to bring you through all things is extremely evident. I don't think anyone can read this book and not be moved. I'm looking forward to completing it!”


"I was so shocked when I read your birth experience in your book Real Healing, it was so similar to my own and every feeling you wrote down, I had too. It’s amazing, I felt like I was the only one who felt like this, but now I know I'm not. Your book was written from the heart, and it made me cry as it brought all the emotions and visions back to me, but it also felt good to know it was actually helping me, to know there were others like me. Thanks again, your really helping me!”

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