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Assertiveness is a skill that will help you to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, displaying anger or passively accepting ‘wrong’. With assertiveness & confidence skills life coaching sessions you can express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest & appropriate ways. With life coaching sessions you will be able to make career move or start your own business with self-assurance and confidence.

Consejera en español para hispanohablantes en Londres y Surrey.


  • Rediscover a "New You" and set clear personal boundaries in different areas of your life.

  • Learn a range of techniques to communicate effectively & confidently, expressing your feelings and thoughts freely.

  • Learn how to use your tone of voice and body language to match your feelings.

  • learn new techniques and skills to become more assertive when you struggle with anger and get rid of passive or aggressive behaviour.




"I felt I was listened to during the life coaching sessions and Martha made herself fully available to me. She made me aware of issues that I had to work on. I would recommend Martha Jesty’s life coaching services to someone who is committed to get better, more assertive and confident.”


Martha Jesty es una excelente profesional especialista en todo tipo de trauma, su experiencia es inigualable. Es una persona muy sensible y empatetica con los demás y tiene sabiduría para explicar las razones de los problemas personales. Martha es una persona espiritual y ha desarrollado dentro de mí una cercanía a Dios y a las cosas espirituales. Ahora llevo una vida plena, que antes de conocerla.

La recomiendo a todas las personas que hablan inglés y español, sentirán que han renacido a una nueva vida.

Anger and Resentment Management

We learn how to manage anger and how to express it in a healthy manner during childhood. But if you have not learned that skill then you internalize it by acting in, hurting yourself or express it by being hurtful to others. Anger becomes a negative emotion when use it in all aspects of your life.

Repressed Anger and prolong resentment are a relationship killer, which will damage your general health.

Whether you are suffering from sudden and prolong anger and you don’t know how to bond with people, or feel constantly victimized and powerless; this is the time for changes. Learn how to recognize anger and resentment, acknowledge it, and express it in a healthy manner. For postnatal issues and postnatal traumas please click here


PREPARING FOR CHANGE. Learn how to increase your motivation and awareness of your anger, challenge maladaptive thoughts and substitute them for positive and more realistic ones.

CHANGING. Receive assertiveness training, avoiding and escaping from anger-invoking situations, using "barb exposure technique".

ACCEPTING AND ADJUSTING. Learn how to forgive others, reconceptualise your anger triggers and avoid carrying a grudge against those who might anger you.

MAINTINING CHANGE. We make a long-term plan to stop new triggers that might re-ignite anger.


"I found Martha Jesty's life coaching sessions most useful, helped me to rebuild my life during the most difficult times: my divorce. I have learned how to keep calm and not allow other people to overwhelm me and make me lose my temper. Now I feel equipped within myself, I have more empathy with other people and understand the way they react to me. Anger is gone!."

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