"Together we will examine what is going on in your life right now,

DISCOVERING YOUR OBSTACLES and choosing a course of action

TO MAKE YOUR LIFE BE WHAT YOU WANT IT TO BE and become more confident."


I will coach you to improve your quality of life so you are able to:


  • Identify options in life and set new personal goals so you evolve and perform at higher levels as an individual.
  • Invent futures that are exciting and valuable so you regain confidence to face the next step in your personal life.
  • Make your dreams, goals and ambitions become true by stopping anything that is holding you back.
  • I am bilingual, Spanish-English language coach who understand both cultural worlds.



As you have seen my references, people's lives have changed with 6-10 sessions. This is an investment in your own life for such a time like this.

Each session last 1 hour and you can take 1 or 2 life coaching sessions at a time once or twice a week. You can take a block of 6 or a block of 10 life coaching sessions Monday till Friday from 10am-8pm online or face to face in Chessignton, Surrey. Life coaching session costs start at £65; an investment for life!.


A. Bott

“I have known Martha Jesty for over 10 years. She is warm and friendly person, a good listener and an excellent communicator. Her skills as a life coach have been developed through training, on-the-job experiences, and her own personal life situations. Martha Jesty has a special gift of making people feel at ease, encouraging them to open up, to feel free to talk and be accepted. She has insight to get to the heart of situations, to unravel them and can present sound, practical solutions. I have no reservations in recommending Martha for her life coaching services.”

Mrs Roseanne Tugbobo-Solicitor

“I have known Mrs Jesty both in a professional capacity and as a friend for over 6 years. Mrs Jesty is a very compassionate individual who is always very committed to any cause she is involved in. She is a very hardworking and dedicated individual and works tirelessly for whatever she believes in. She is able to be objective as well as sympathetic and professional. She is a good listener as well as being very objective. She is also skilled and very experienced in pastoral care as well as in women’s issues. Her communications skills are excellent and she displays a special empathy for women and children in particular. I do not have any hesitation in recommending Mrs Jesty for any work involved in coaching, pastoral care and mentoring services.”