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Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom

Life Coaching in Surrey

Martha Jesty member of International Coach Federation

Life coaching in Chessington, Surbiton, New Malden, Leatherhead, Esher, Cobham, Claygate, Epsom, Oxshot, Tolworth, Kingston Upon Thames, Dorking, Guildford, Woking, Walton on Thames, Farham, Reigate, Godalming, Weybridge, Redhill, Egham, Ashtead, Adlestone


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I met Martha Jesty after a long search for a Business Coach. I found her to be dynamic and powerful with good knowledge of counselling and marketing and I am looking forward to working with her and developing my career, which I started over 20 years ago. Pauline, Professional Counsellor 


I’ve seen counsellors for years but nothing really clicked till I saw Martha Jesty.  She works intuitively with you to create a supportive nurturing environment that enables you to look at your issues. She is not scared to look at difficult issues head on and help you to deal with them.  Martha listens deeply (something I’m not used to with counsellors) and offers concrete steps for changing your life. I have felt truly listened to and feel that Martha wants you to get better as much as you do.  She is emotionally involved in your care and you really feel her passion to help and guide you to a better way of living. I now feel empowered and assertive and it’s through Martha’s wise nurturing that this has happened.  I have received healing for restrictive thought patterns and I have learned to move on from my past trauma and move to the present with a real sense of optimism."  A.Stewart


Martha Jesty is spiritual, empathetic and has a profound wisdom. The fact that she is a mother & therefore can relate to other women makes her unique. I believe that her service is invaluable. If I had discovered her counselling services long ago I think I would have been fully recovered by now.  J.Fay


I felt I was listened to during the life coaching sessons and Martha made herself fully available to me. She made me aware of issues that I have to work on. I would recommend her services to someone who is committed to get better.   Joanna


I found Martha Jesty's sessions most useful, helped me to rebuild my life during the most difficult times: my divorce. I have learned how to keep calm and not allow other people to overwhelm me and make me lose my temper. Now I feel equipped within myself, I have more empathy with other people and understand the way they react to me.   Robert


When I met Martha I found her to be approachable, warm and easy to talk to - very empathetic.  When I was looking for a women's counsellor some time later for my daughter,  I was very concerned that it must be the right sort of person to do the counseling.  Martha's face sprang to mind immediately and  I contacted her. Since there I have been very pleased and reassured at the outcome.  My daughter is gaining so much from her sessions and I am satisfied that she is in safe and caring hands.  I would not hesitate to recommend Martha Jesty to anyone for whatever their problem might be - big or small.  In fact, you don't need to have a problem to benefit from Martha's coaching and counselling services - just look at the variety of topics covered on the website.  She is a very gifted lady. I have used her telephone coaching services and I found it invaluable. Her logic, objectivity and wisdom are perfect ingredients for effective life coaching & counselling services. Maggie Hope


Martha's warm and caring approach really made an impact with me. I felt that she understood my needs and was willing to support me to reach my goals. She listened carefully and gave advice based on her wide knowledge and expertise. I would be delighted to recommend Martha both as a counsellor and a women's coach. My one to one sessions helped me to gain clarity regarding the business services I wanted to offer. I also appreciated Martha's help in creating the structure of a six month programme in well being. Her marketing tips were useful and very effective. Martha Jesty's life coaching services are comprenhensive and flexible. I am also happy that I can continue my coaching over the phone.   Annette


Your session gave me the confident that I needed and it changed the patterns of my thinking. Dring the session, the trauma that I experienced in the past, made more sense to me and in the way it had hit me. It made me realized that I should be more assertive and make more efforts to bring forth and express more my thinking. You said that I should “change my hat”, this is my cultural hat, and that teaching really convinced me. After that session, I started to express myself more than before.  NB


Very good listening and assessment of issues. Martha's knowledge and experience on the subject was outstanding. I can't think of anything Martha could have done better! I would definetely recommend Martha Jesty's life coaching services to others.    Mary

Martha Jesty has great listening skills; during our counselling time she was not judgmental, which was very important to me. She gave me space and a safe environment to talk and to cry. Martha understood my issues and what I felt. It was important to me to be able to talk to a professional Christian counsellor and receive prayer and healing. Sharon


Until yesterday I felt that I had no one to turn to who fully understood what I was feeling. Thanks once again - I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hannah


It is a fantastic opportunity for me to explore issues in my life which need exploring, and starting to heal certain things in my life. In enjoyed my time with Martha during her  coaching sessions. A.L.


Getting contact with you has really been so helpful regarding this parenting issue.  Mirian


It's comforting to know that there are people like you Martha speaking on behalf of all of these women suffering from PTSD.  I think, like me, there are probably so many women out there that are being told that it is just Postnatal depression, but in reality it is PTSD. Thank you again Martha!  Cassie


I feel I can now face my experience knowing there are people out there like yourself who have been through similar experiences and who understand what I'm going through.

Thank you for your time Martha.  Ozlem


I have known Martha Jesty for 15 years in my capacity as a career’s counsellor. Martha’s communication skills, verbal and written, acquired over years of academic study and experience as an entrepreneur clearly demonstrates her competence. She has good organization, project management and time management skills. In addition she has leadership and training skills, self discipline and motivation to succeed characterise her approach to challenges. Her dedication to hard work, energy & enthusiasm exemplified in her business management role are commendable attributes for success as a life coach. Martha’s counselling experience and choice of topic for her first book Real Healing after Caesarean are evidence of her commitment to combat the negative effect of trauma in women.   Pat Donegal


I am so thankful for Martha's help. She is absolutely amazing and I'm so glad I have met her.  Romilly


Martha is fantastic. I feel so comfortable and safe in her presence. She understands so much and she is non judgmental!  Thank you Martha for your great life coaching services.  Anna


Martha Jesty is a warm and accomplished speaker who is very good at engaging with, and exciting the interest of, her audience. From tales of her early life, through to her numerous business successes Martha was able to demonstrate, with examples from her own life, how positive thinking can help you to achieve your goals. Martha spoke for approximately 45 minutes about Live Your Life to the Full  and the audience interest was sustained the whole way through. Following the talk a number of members contacted us to say how much they had enjoyed listening to Martha and how she had inspired them to focus on the positives in their lives and reassess what was important to them in the coming year.

Claire Hillman, Women Institute, Surbiton, Surrey


Martha is a wonderful woman and do so much good in the way she lives and works.  Jennifer


I have known Martha Jesty both in a professional capacity and as a friend for over 6 years.  Martha Jesty is a very compassionate individual who is always very committed to any cause she is involved in. She is a very hardworking and dedicated individual and works tirelessly for what ever she believes in.  She is able to be objective as well as sympathetic and professional. She is a good listener, skilled and very experienced in pastoral care  in women’s issues. Her communications skills are excellent and she displays a special empathy for women and children in particular.  I do not have any hesitation in recommending Martha Jesty for any work involved in counselling, pastoral care and coaching services.  Mrs Roseanne Tugbobo


I was very moved by your dance. I experienced so much joy and enhanced my desire to communicate with God. Annie

Martha gave me lots of practical ideas, support & encouragement during our coaching time.Tina