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Therapeutic activities for women in Surrey

Martha Jesty member of International Coach Federation

I am a Christian life coach and culture coach based in Surrey specialist in psychological trauma, using language, art and body movement for expression and healing of the mind,

body and soul.  I have extensive experience working with women and young people in my private practice and through the organization Help Women and Children based in Chessington, Surrey, specialist in Birth Trauma, culture shock, and other pshychological traumas. See Martha Jesty's references.

Martha Jesty PgC., BA., Dip., MBACIP

Martha Jesty life coach in Surrey

"I am self motivated, self confident, optimistic, persistent and empathetic spiritual person with high listening skills empowering and inspiring people in my everyday life"

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martha jesty member association of christians coun Martha Jesty member of International Coach Federat emcc logo

I am a multifaceted and autodidact British, Peruvian born person, very energetic and positive who lives life to the full every day and sees problems as opportunities to become a better person.

I have a passion to see people free from stress, worries and traumas and to bring joy and peace into my clients lives.  Below there is a list of some of my studies.

"I found Martha Jesty's life coaching sessions most useful, helped me to rebuild my life during the most difficult times: my divorce. I have learned how to keep calm and not allow other people to overwhelm me and make me lose my temper. Now I feel equipped within myself, I have more empathy with other people and understand the way they react to me. Anger is gone!"  Robert


"Martha has great listening skills; during our coaching sessions she was not judgmental, which was very important to me. She gave me space & a safe environment to talk and to cry. Martha understood my issues and what I felt. It was important to me to be able to talk to a professional Christian counsellor and receive prayer and healing.” Sharon


"Martha is spiritual, empathetic and has a profound wisdom. The fact that she is a mother and therefore can relate to other women makes her unique. I believe that her service is invaluable. If I had discovered her counselling services long ago I think I would have been fully recovered by now."


"I am so thankful for Martha's help. She is  absolutely amazing and I'm so glad I have met her."



"I felt I was listened to during the counselling time and Martha made herself fully available to me. She made me aware of issues that I have to work on. I would recommend her services to someone who is committed to get better."   Joanna


"Until yesterday I felt that I had no one to turn to who fully understood what I was feeling. Thanks once again - I feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel". Hannah