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Chessington, Surrey, United Kingdom

Life Coaching in Surrey

Martha Jesty member of International Coach Federation

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Cross Cultural Coaching sessions

Cultures are built on deeply-embedded sets of values, assumptions,  norms  and beliefs. It can be surprising and sometimes distressing to find that people do not share some of your most deeply held ideas, as most of us take our core values and beliefs for granted and assume they are universally held. Cross culture shock in the UK is an experience that describes the impact of moving from your loving country and culture to one which is unfamiliar and with a different set of values and beliefs.

Weather. British weather is very unpredictable, most of the time very grey, wet, cold and damp even in the summer. People will always carry a jacket “just in case it rains”.

Food. At the beginning you may find British food bland, some of dishes difficult to pronounce.

Language. If English is not your first language, it will be very tiring at the beginning to speak English at all times. Even if your first language is English you will find the regional accents sometimes difficult to understand and some even impossible.

What is culture shock when you come to UK

Aspects that could trigger culture shock in the UK

I has been in the UK for more than 25 years and I understand very well  the changes that you are experiencing. Through Life Coaching in Surrey I will listen to you and coach you to make this cultural transition smoothly, acknowledging your true values & beliefs.

I will help you to adjust to your new host country quickly and effectively. At my sessions you will reduce and, in many cases, prevent culture shock resulting in an increase of your emotional wellbeing. I will help you in the integration process by understanding your feelings and frustrations as they emerge during my cross cultural coaching sessions in Surrey. If you work full time, my cross cultural coaching session will enable you to fulfil your role and become more productive in the workplace.

Hablo español y las sesiones de ayuda y consejeria en español son en Surrey o por telefono.

"Your session gave me the confident that I needed and it changed the patterns of my thinking. Dring the session, the trauma that I experienced in the past, made more sense to me and in the way it had hit me. It made me realized that I should be more assertive and make more efforts to bring forth and express more my thinking. You said that I should “change my hat”, this is my cultural hat, and that teaching really convinced me. After that session, I started to express myself more than before."  Mrs NB


"I found Martha Jesty a very understandable person with the ability of making me feel stronger about myself. The way she listened to me and talk to me was just so caring that it made me feel very comfortable."  Eder Oliveira


Martha Jesty- life coach for women and young people in surrey