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Helping you to break emotional, psychological & cultural barriers to bring freedom into your life

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Therapeutic activities for women in Surrey

Martha Jesty member of International Coach Federation

Learn Assertiveness and Confidence skills

  • change your pattern of thinking about yourself and others

  • overcome your shyness and feel more confident within yourself

  • become focused on achieving your own targets

  • identify and discover your strengths and inner power

  • learn skills to calm down with anger management

  • understand and accept new cultures to stop culture shock in the UK

  • a range of techniques to develop your belief in yourself and to set clear personal boundaries.

  • to communicate effectively and confidently expressing your feelings and thoughts freely.

  • about your tone of voice, your body posture, body language to match your feelings with  what your body is saying.

  • techniques and skills to become more assertive when you experience anger and get rid of passive or agressive behaviour.

  • to adapt confidently to a new culture avoiding culture shock

Assertiveness is a skill that will help you to stand up for your own or other people’s rights in a calm and positive way, without being either aggressive, displaying anger or passively accepting ‘wrong’.

With assertiveness & confidence skills you can express your thoughts, feelings and beliefs in direct, honest and appropriate ways.

You might be experiencing a new culture coming to the UK, just got a job after a long break, you are unable to stand up against bigger characters near you.

Through Life Coaching sessions in Surrey I will help you to discover a new you helping you to develop assertiveness and confidence skills.

assertiveness and confidence with martha jesty3 assertiveness and confidence with martha jesty

Martha is available as a motivational speaker about this topic at any organization working with women.

I will coach you to learn ...

Assertiveness and confidence skills

Through life coaching sessions you will

Martha Jesty life coach insurrey for women and you

"It is a fantastic opportunity for me to explore issues in my life which need exploring, and starting to heal certain things in my life. In enjoyed my time with Martha during her  coaching sessions." A.L.


"Getting contact with you has really been so helpful regarding this parenting issue."  Mirian


Martha gave me lots of practical ideas, support & encouragement during our coaching time.Tina


"Martha is a wonderful woman and do so much good in the way she lives and work".  Jennifer


"Martha is fantastic. I feel so comfortable and safe in her presence. She understands so much and she is non judgmental!  Thank you Martha for your great life coaching services".  Anna


“I have known Martha Jesty for over 10 years. She is warm and friendly person, a good listener and an excellent communicator. Her skills as a counselor have been developed through training, on-the-job experiences, and her own personal life situations. She has a special gift of making people feel at ease, encouraging them to open up, to feel free to talk and be accepted. She has insight to get to the heart of situations, to unravel them and can present sound, practical solutions. I have no reservations in recommending Martha for her counselling and life coaching services.” A. Bott